Project Objectives

  1. Enhance the roles of individuals, to be part of the knowledge future creation system, which have the tools and empowerments of knowledge.
  2. Raise the level of social and knowledge awareness, through the anchorage of knowlege giving concept, as a common social framework, in which all categories of society can participate.
  3. Faciliate and create channels for knowledge participation and exchange amongst indivisuals, and establish the spirit of knowlege and cultural voluantarism.
  4. Provide individuals and organizations with the supportive equipments to encourage and support reading and knowledge developemnt, in light of the Minisitry’s framework and capabilities.
  5. Esbablish kowledge and social responsibility amongst all segments of Society, to fulfill their role in serving the country and participate in its cognitive and cultural manifestation.
  6. Support the knowledge programs and projects which are executed by the UAE humanitarian organizations.